Wednesday, 28 March 2018

NEW THIS YEAR: Class Baskets! Instead of assigning each class a theme, we've assigned each class a colour!  (If you are looking for inspiration, a brown basket could contain chocolate, a fur pillow, a bag of coffee, and a wooden candleholder.)

We need a parent volunteer from each class to collect items for the basket. The only rules are that everything should be your assigned colour and the basket should have a minimum value of $75. Parents can either ask for contributions of items and then assemble the basket or ask for financial contributions (similar to what some classes do for a collective teacher gift at the end of the year) and then purchase the items themselves.

Kindergarten - Pink
Grade 1 - Violet
Grade 1/2 - white
Grade 2/3 - yellow
Grade 3 - orange
Grade 4L - green
Grade 4W - blue
Grade 5 - red
Grade 6 - black
Grade 6/7 - silver
Grade 7 - gold

All volunteer hours count towards your Parent Participation Hours (not including work bee hours).